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Hii Ann and Chris,
Its two months tomorrow since you went to Cornwall for your holiday and then i came back here ,  so i thought it was time i  wrote and thanked you both  for making me so welcome and looking after me so well.It was very hard for me going into the dining room each morning i have always been on your side of the fence instead of being a guest after being a waiter in twenty  odd hotels I would have been quite happy to work with you two .I even had my black and whites with me in case there was any work,not realising how bad the hotel  situation was,silly old me. I wasn,t going to come back again but i think I have to its my home and a .lot of my friends are there including you two we will all have to have a night out together next time.I will attach some photos  for you.
lots of love and thanks have a lovely christmas
Sydney Australia

August & September 2011 spend a week here earlier had wonderful time  Had to come back again as plans changed everything was excellent

Sydney Australia  


Pete and Brenda Rotherham
Oct 2011

Another lovely week spent here home from home .


Bob & Caroline, York – What a fantasic stay, Ann and Chris are wonderful hosts, we will for sure come back next year.

Mrs Rache, Cornwall – Truly delightful, thankyou ever so much for your wonderful welcome.

Anja Germany – thanks for looking after me look forward to seeing you again next year (no kippers).

Paul & Donna Spondon Derby –  had a fantastic time we really did Chris & Ann you are both realy nice people and have a lovely guest house some fantastic memories of our time here look forward to seeing you again soon.

Erkhammer Family Stockholm Sweden – very good lovely veggie breakfast

Debbie & Ryan Cardiff –  loved it had a great time didnt want to go home thank you for making us welcome see you again soon.

J & K Crossland worksop Notts – thank you ann and Chris for another lovely stay see you again next year.

Olive & Jan Holland – Ann and Chris thanks for a really lovely stay Home from Home hope to see you again sometime.

Norman & Jean March 2011     Excellent place to stay .close to everything the Breakfast is fantastic , didnt eat for the rest of the day, Rooms are spotlessly clean and beautifuly decorated and were warm when we came back something a lot of places are not, We will be back later in the year.  XX

Very good clean and comfortable .& lots of hot water Tomlinson family Kirby in Ashfield  March 2010     Friendly people clean with great breakfast.